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Stop playing with yourself

You probably thought of something else when you first read the title. No worries, we don’t judge. Reread it and think very hard. Does it make sense? Yes, it does, at least for us: we got your attention, and it sums up our product.

So, what should you do instead? Play with others, of course! But not play as in the literal term but in the context of videos, series, movies, and music. When you “play” music, you start the playback of a song; you don’t play a game. Our product does just that, except we combine collective instances of that into one. Now, when you play a video, you play it for somebody else too! That’s the gist.

Well, anyway, we’re launching this soon. It’ll be available as a web browser extension first, but we’re open to other possibilities as well. All features marketed might not be available in the initial release. Patience is key.

All the best,


Watch YouTube, binge Netflix, and listen to Spotify with friends.